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Increase Client Sales with Postcards!

Postcards are an extremely effective way to bring in more leads, plus they get a great response. They also specifically target your market, which other types of marketing can't do.

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Get new clients and referral clients with
business cards!

Business cards are an incredibly powerful way of getting your name in people's minds. By carrying any of our sponsored hair care lines you get free set of business cards.
For a small business (with a much flatter organizational model, usually), business cards take on a much more vital role. This holds doubly true for skilled trades or any business that works on a client model, rather than a customer model.

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Let new clients find you on our website!

When you carry any of Clio, Silkology, or Shiva hair care lines; we list your salon on our websites and it let's clients to find the closest salon to them that carries these professional lines. We are working on our website everyday to get the best ranking result. With the help of press releases and our own network of websites each day we are getting more and more traffic on our website.

The Importance Of Image in the Beauty Industry

First Impressions Last!
When attracting new clients it is important to remember that the image you project will either help or hinder your chances of gaining a clients trust and possibly their business.

Every aspect of your image can have an impact on your clients, from the look of your storefront, to the products you use, to the uniforms you wear, to how you answer your phone, all of these things create an atmosphere for your Salon or Spa.


By choosing high quality products like Clio, Silkology, Shiva not only you can take advantage of pure all natural ingredients, but we also help you market your business too.

Each and every ingredient found in our products is 100% certified botanical, hand selected from boutique organic growers and artisanally small batch formulated. These hair care products require a great deal of time and personal care; precise timing, temperature, ingredient selection and hand blending for every micro batch. The ultra pure water used in our products is purified 5 times producing a liquid so pure that it is naturally bacteria free, chemical free, and metal free. This 5-step filtration process creates a stable platform for the organic ingredients eliminating the need for excessive chemical stabilizers, or shelf life enhancers. Ultra Pure water and organically grown certified botanical ingredients skillfully blended by the trained hand of a PhD. chemist producing the world’s finest hair care system; hair care transcended. check out the Shiva Laboratory selection of organic hair care.

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