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Direct mail advertising is a great way to stay in touch with existing customers, and has potential to bring in new customers. One idea is to find other local businesses that may share a similar client base and do a cross promotion mailing.

Salon Pro Marketing handles full color printing of business cards and a whole lot more. We help you set up an effective direct mail marketing plan and we are unique in that we truly care about your results and helping you grow your business.

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You can design and print all your marketing materials including your business card, postcard, flyers, and...
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  Solely we serve professional salon & spa industry. Our purpose and our company mission is to make your business successful.

Checkout our Marketing Ideas page to see how we can help you grow your business and save more money on your professional hair care products.

battle against diversion
It’s a big problem and hurts professional salon businesses.
How can you become a diversion victim?
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Never sold to Ulta, Beauty First, Beauty Secret, Regis salons, JCPenny, Armstrong McCall, RDA, or Sally's. Never diverted to your neighborhood Supermarket, drugstore, or discounters including Sam's, Costco, Wal-Mart, and the rest.

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